While we wait out the insanity of the election ….

I don’t usually follow up on the tag thing, but I admit I’m feeling a little dry on ideas to write about, so I’m going to take up the challenge from Janet of Mid-life Clarity, and tell you 7 random things about me.

(1) I have a huge crush on Rachel Maddow. (You already knew that one, didn’t you?)

(1) My favorite drink in the world? Pastis. (Preferably sipped while in France, of course!)

(2) I love to play mini golf.

(3) My favorite shoes are my Sketchers. Or my New Balance. (Yes, I am white, very, very  white.)

(4) I used to be a pretty fair blues guitarist, but I’m fairly rusty these days.

(5) I like to garden, but I cannot keep houseplants alive. I mean, I kill spider plants.

(6) I would do just about anything for a really good chocolate milkshake. Almost anything.

(7) I cannot order from Starbucks because I get too confused. On the rare occasion when I go there with her, Unnamed Partner has to order my coffee for me.

Yeah, that’s pretty random all right. If you’re a blogger and you feel the need/desire to answer this challenge, consider yourself tagged. Thanks Janet!



  1. FWIW I have a huge crush on Rachel Maddow too. And today she “friended” me back, an act inspired by you.

    I will take you to Starbucks if we are hanging out together and I will order. It would be nice to be there with say, you, Rachel and some others.

    Just how does one kill a spider plant? That is a special skill, I’d reposition it as one if I were you!

    PS as to the Japanese issue,it persists.

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