Behind the scenes at the House of Jello

Busy day at work, and my brain’s fried. I got nuthin’. Good thing there’s always fodder down in the ‘ol search word terms. According to WordPress, “These are terms people used to find your blog”:

  • rachel maddow  (no kidding?)
  • name of rachel maddow’s black lab  (Even I’m not that obsessed. Really)
  • the changes in jello over the years
  • stick a fork in mccain
  • mccain shadowy past  (ooooh!  I like that one! So spooky!)
  • george w. bush drunk china  (it’s nice that we’re not forgetting that ….)
  • sarah palin tolerating gays (ha ha ha ha ha!)
  • bush dog
  • palin nailing (I don’t even want to  know what that means ….)
  • commie faggots mccain
  • artic we’re screwed

And my personal favorite:

  • sarah palin is the new leona helmsley


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