It’s that time of year

I think today marks the beginning of Autumn here in Maryland. I know, I know, that was officially back in September, but today is the first day when it really feels like Autumn. As Fritz and I took our morning patrol around the block this morning, the sky was that a bright blue that you really only see this time of year. We had buckets of rain yesterday, and the ground is littered with golden leaves. My neighbor up the street was packing his car to get an early start on tailgating at the Ravens game today. When we got home,  I sat down with a hot cup of coffee and Fritz got in his bed and we turned on the heater.

We don’t have a fireplace in our house, so last year we bought this little electric heater:

As you can see, except for the ugly cord sticking out the back, it looks pretty realistic. And it really gives off a lot of heat. Turning on the heater is a rite of Fall for us. It goes right along with the Wearing of the Fleece.  So that means that along with homework, laundry for the upcoming work week, and a trip to the grocery store, we need to add two annual chores: switching over the clothes in storage from the sleeveless tops to the fleece jackets, and taking the air conditioners out of the windows.

Meanwhile, Fritz is pretty happy this time of year. Sunday morning is a “special occasion,” and so he’s now up on the couch next to me. He’s had a walk around the neighborhood, had breakfast, and is sleeping. Now if I would just stop this infernal tapping sound next to him with my typing, life would be perfect. Sorry buddy, I’ll stop making so much noise …. go back to sleep.



  1. welcome to my world! LOL i held off with the heat as long as i could this year. we are getting your rain of yesterday today here in maine, but with the addition of strong winds, gusting to 60mph here on the downeast coast. no power outages yet, but i have the fireplace roaring just in case.

    don’t you know to let sleeping dogs lie? just love the look he is giving you!

  2. We had our first fire the other day, oh it is that time of year. That said, it is warmer here today and very sunny – no fire!

  3. I havent put the heat on yet. The bills are ridiculously high when they come in…so Im holding off.

    Every time someone comes over I tell them to dress layers! lol for now anyway

  4. We’re at that weird point in Georgia where we have the heat set to 67 degrees at night and the windows open and the heat off during the day. A couple more weeks, and I’ll be wishing for days when opening the windows is required.

    There is something very soothing about the rituals built around the change in seasons.

  5. Love that Fritz! Lupa has been nagging me to have you show her boyfriend on the blog. I have neglected to pass her requests along.
    This was my weekend to change the filters and check the furnace. All is good. I purchased a vent-free gas fireplace last spring (caught a sale!) to replace the one that looked like it had been sitting in the fireplace since 1950. After some minor replumbing of the gas lines, I now have a working fireplace too. Which means I can still wear my cargo shorts and sandals with my fleece as I grimace over the end of summer.

  6. You know, that’s really not a very flattering picture of Fritz. His belly is really not as big as looks here!

    His feet, however, are indeed that big!

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