Solid as Barack!

From last week’s Saturday Night Live, the “Barack Obama Variety Half Hour”

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  1. SNL is having a ball with this one, and so is everyone else! I am almost sorry to see Sarah go, what will we do without her?

  2. OK, gigs up – Sarah’s a plant (no not that kind). She really IS Tina Fey. Any day now, she’ll rip off the wig and the red pleather jacket.
    And if she was an actual plant, what kind might she be?
    A prayer plant? a monstera? Ladyslipper? Hil would be nice but evil twin suggests stinking hellibore. (Yes that really is a plant – it lives in English ditches)
    Just sayin’.

  3. Actually, I was going to say she’s a nice red rose, one of those pretty plastic ones you can stick in the bathroom and it’ll never die. Then one day it sprouts thorns and rips your bum when you sit down.
    (Yep, this is hilseviltwin in disguise, trying to get double billing…)

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