Yes We Carve! Si Se … can someone help me out here?

I know many of you have said you’re not watching the news anymore (I go in spurts like that too), or that you’re not going to post anything about the the election on your blogs. I say, if you can do it, good for you! I make no such promises because I know I won’t be able to keep them.  So this is a happy distraction:

If you’ve ever been to a pumpkin-carving party with me, you know just how badly I need stencils. I have no idea why, I seem to be genetically unable to carve pumpkins. Even the scary ones just come off looking … pathetic.  But now, dare I say it … I have hope!


  1. I wonder who will carve the pumpkins … I always do… HMMM.

    my kids would want the vomiting pumpkin (which I have done) or something with big fangs… I think they are sick of politics.

  2. Wonderful! In 1996 I was in NH for NOW, working on a number of women’s races. My favorite was Arnie Arnesen, who was running for Congress. I carved a VOTE ARNIE pumpkin, and for a NOW event where she was speaking. She asked to have it, and her campaign staff placed it on the second-floor ledge of one of their windows that faced the street.

    Her campaign headquarters was across the street from her opponent. His campaign manager placed a bounty on the pumpkin. Whoever could knock it off the ledge would get $100.

    Unfortunately Arnie lost, but the pumpkin survived the election! Go pumpkin!!


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