Rachel Maddow interviews Barack Obama

At this point in the campaign I could use more Rachel and less Barack, but oh well. Still worth the watch.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “rachel Maddow interviews barack Obama“, posted with vodpod

Clearly I will spend this weekend stalking Mr Softee trucks …

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  1. Well, ngoldfarb, you make a lot of claims to facts in your link, but you cite no references.

    I guess you’re just trolling around to blogs with “Obama” tags and trying to “scare” people. “Really” scare people.

    I find the prospect of a McCain-Palin administration far scarier than anything you list in your link.

  2. You too? ohmygod, I heard that and thought I needed to run to the cold shower.


    I’ll help ya with that…

    okay, I’m done with Barbara Lee and back to Maddow.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Sue. I missed the Maddow interview so was glad to have an opportunity to watch. Great interview, thoughtful questions.

    I adore Rachel and Obama was great, nice and relaxed, had some excellent answers to her questions.

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