We were hunting wabbits

No, not really. But Fritz, unnamed partner and I went on a lovely stroll this morning and we came upon this bird blind. Strictly for observation — no hunting here.

An extra hour was like a gift of gold this morning. We actually forgot to set the clocks back, so we were sitting and drinking coffee and then I suddenly remembered that it was an hour earlier than we thought. With that extra time, we decided to go for a short hike. And this morning was beautiful. Lots of other dogs walking their owners today, and Fritz was exceptionally well-behaved. (Sometimes he gets really excited to see other dogs, and when he’s not allowed to go nose to nose to meet them he sometimes turns that excitement into aggression. I’m sorry to shock anyone, but no, it turns out he is not perfect. But he is near perfect. And perfection would just be dull, right?) But the beautiful weather must have put him in an easy-going mood, because we met several other dogs of the leash, and he was not. Call us uptight, but if the sign says they should be on a leash, we keep him on a leash.

Maybe Fritz should get his own blog if he’s going to keep getting so much attention….
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  2. What a great way to use that extra hour! And that’s a fantastic picture. If Rachel hears about it, she’ll be stalking you.

  3. great picture!
    it was a beautiful weekend, one of the few remaining that we’ll be comfortable in sweatshirts and light jackets before the need for mittens and earmuffs sets in~!
    stock up on that cocoa!

  4. Oh the joys of the weekend hikes. Actually, I thought maybe you and Fritz did something to end up in the dog house by UP. Great Picture.

  5. so glad you were able to get out and enjoy the few remaining nice days of fall. it won’t be long…

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