“That’s a colorblind checkbook”

The local news tonight had an interview with one of our senators, Barbara Mikulski. Mikulski was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter right up to the end, but is now solidly behind Barack Obama. (Somewhere, my neighbor “G” has a picture of me with Mikulski at a Clinton rally from last February. Perhaps someday she will email it to me?)

Anyway, when asked about the “Bradley effect” and whether she is concerned that Obama might not win tomorrow, Mikulski said:

“Any questions [voters] have have always been on the issues. What about health care? What about the position on taxes? Will he be able to bring those jobs back home, Barb? How will we get out of Iraq without hurting our troops? They ask questions about the issues. They don’t ask questions about race. I believe that our country is in a difficult time right now. People realize they’re at a fork in the road, and when they look at their checkbook, that’s a colorblind checkbook.”

And when asked about the Clinton-voting women who might be on the fence, she says:

“I believe women all over America will be supporting Barack Obama. It is the women who are really worried about the macaroni and cheese issues. So much of the economic debate has been on the big macro picture — the macaroni and cheese economics, what goes on at the family table, the cost of gas, the cost of groceries, the cost of utilities, the cost of health care. Women solidly have an analysis.”

Macaroni and cheese economics. You gotta love Barb.
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