Wait! It’s not too late to vote!

webblogFor the 2008 Weblog Awards, that is!

Nominations are being taken until November 19, and there are some very worthy blogs that have been nominated. The final nominations will be decided after the 19th, and then you’ll have a chance to vote on the final slate of nominations. But now’s your chance to look at the nominations given thus far and say “me too! I wanna nominate that one, too!”

So far, I know that our new friend Under The LobsterScope has been nominated for “Best Liberal Blog.”

The hardest workin’ dyke in the blog biz, Suburban Lesbian Housewife, has been nominated for “Best LGBT Blog.”

And yours truly, Nailing Jello to the Wall is on there for “Best Hidden Gem.” (Because except for that night when John McCain uttered “it’s like nailing jello to the wall” we don’t get much traffic here yet.)

To vote for any of these, click on the link for the award above, and scroll down until your find us listed. Then click on the “plus” sign.

You can also nominate your own or any other blog you see fit. We’ve got a lot of dedicated and passionate writers out there — show ’em some love!

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