In America, you can be a church. Or you can be a lobby group. You cannot be both.

So many of us are stunned by the passing of Proposition 8 in California, which specifically stated that it would “eliminate the rights of same-sex couples to marry.” In other words, eliminate a right that existed for the citizens of California. In other words, to strip away rights of their fellow citizens that had been affirmed by the California Supreme Court.

Why are we voting on each others’ rights in this country?

A large part of the lobbying for passage of Proposition 8 was done by the Mormon Church. Not just local pastors, which is bad enough, but by The Mormon Church in Salt Lake City. They did this by airing ridiculously (or so we thought) false ads about the “effects” of same sex marriage on society. They told lies about what would be taught in the schools.

And they’re tax exempt.

Please sign the petition to amend tax laws so that religious organizations such as the Mormon Church cannot continue to lobby and remain tax exempt.



  1. i am appalled at just how much tax free money is spent by churches for political purposes. this must stop, and the only way that this will happen, is to strip them of their 501(c)3 status if they continue.

    thanks for the link, i have signed up.

  2. I completely agree! I have a friend who writes a letter to every church in her town during election years reminding them that they may endanger their non-profit status if they tell their members how they should vote. She even started her own organization called (name of her town) Church Watch. She is one of my heroes.

  3. I agree, and really am trying to understand how this could happen with all the other great progress we made this election cycle.

    I really feel that we as a community didn’t do enough to reach out to other minorities.

  4. Hang on a mo

    Surely everyone has freedom of speech in your country? Why shouldnt people vote against something they regard as wrong? I am not a Mormon (God forbid) – but if they regard same-sex marriages as morally indefensible then it is their right to say so?

    Or is the USA the land of no-freedom of speech?

  5. Done.

    And yes, “Mr. Pineapples,” we all have the right to free speech. And that’s exactly what signing a petition is. An exercise thereof.

    It’s not a matter of the CLDS speaking out. It’s a matter of them lobbying to deny other people their civil rights.

  6. Mr. Pineapples, we all have the right to speak out and vote however we feel — as individuals. But a church — as an institution — is not allowed to lobby. If they choose to get into the lobbying business, then they lose their tax-exempt status.

    Look at the example of the Friends Committee on National Legislation. They are a lobby group, and are therefore not tax exempt. And any donation I give them, is not tax deductible.

    Speak out, speak out! But don’t play both sides of religion and politics.

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