Sarah Palin: the gift that just keeps giving

sarah-palin_4_-360_418653aSarah Palin was such a gift to bloggers that it’s been hard to imagine the political world without her. Fortunately, she just won’t go away. From today’s ThinkProgress:

Did Palin Use GOP Funds To Buy Her Children Underwear?

After controversy erupted over Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) largely unauthorized spending spree, Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) announced that she would no longer be wearing the expensive clothing: “Those clothes, they are not my property. … I’m not taking them with me.” Palin, however, did take some clothes with her. The Republican party is planning to dispatch a lawyer to Alaska to “inventory and retrieve the clothes still in her possession.” According to Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, the governor spent the weekend separating out the GOP-bought clothes, including underwear for her daughters ….

I think we’re all pretty much in agreement at this point that Sarah Palin has been a trainwreck, and that it’s time to let her go back to face the music in Alaska. But I’m concerned about the damage she has done — beyond taking money donated by the average Republican citizen and going on a shopping spree at Neiman Marcus. I’m concerned about what she has done to women, in general.

You see, Sarah Palin got awfully close to getting elected as Vice President. She was on the national scene for weeks. Everyone in America knew her as someone running for national office.

And she blew it. If she represented women, what must the men be thinking? She reinforced every terrible sterotype: ditzy, and  shallow. At the same time, of course, she’s “pretty.” (I mean I don’t think so, but she has a certain “hot for teacher” kind of look that a lot of men seem to like.)

So as a Hillary Clinton supporter, I’ll continue to watch politics over the next 4 years, and I have to wonder, has Sarah Palin set us back? When will another woman be able to get to the top of the ticket?


  1. This is my vision…Right after Sarah Palin is elected the first female President of the United States in 2012, she stands up at the head of the table at the celebration event, with knife in hand, and starts calling out names of each of those who defiled her character, and with every name she plunges the knife into the table,
    exclaiming “dead!”, “dead!”.

  2. She really has set women back, both with her anti-intellectual attitude and her disdain for American and especially the rights of American women.

  3. If she represented women, what must the men be thinking?

    Can I honestly tell you, speaking just for my own self, what this one red-blooded American man thinks about this?

    Not much. In fact, since last week, I haven’t thought about this person at all, until I landed here.

    This woman does not represent the women I know. She doesn’t represent my wife, my sisters, my wonderful sisters-in-law, my nieces, my female colleagues and friends at work, my female former students, my female current students, my female blogging buddies, my female Friends at Meeting, and so on.

    I honestly believe that to most thinking men, the only woman Sarah Palin has “set back” is her own winking, smirking, snarky, ignorant self.

    She is already a footnote, the Dan Quayle of her era. Even if she appoints herself as the next senator from Alaska, she is already irrelevent.

  4. I don’t think the damage will be that long lasting, if at all.

    We might be a bunch of ignorant yokels, but we have a short attention span.



  5. She’s had her 20 minutes of fame — even the comedians will be bored soon (if not already).

    Palin who? (at best a speed bump)


  6. I sure hope you are all correct about her — but I worry that (1) she won’t go away so quietly, and (2) the next time a woman tried to run for national office, we’ll see stories about Sarah Palin shopping.

  7. I share your concerns also.

    One article said that part of the counting/accounting was to account for underwear that the kids lost. First of all, pretty gross to think about. How/why do they lose underwear… ?

    Maybe it’s just the folks I know (including kids) – but we don’t lose underwear. Not even when travelling.

    *Must clear head with something strong*

  8. You are so right Sue. She does keep on giving. Her achilles heel is that she simply lies and figures like many other Republicans that they won’t be found out. She started off saying she had zero clothes from the RNC brought back to Alaska. Now of course, she’s busy running through her closets finding all of them. She has hurt women a lot, and frankly I don’t know when we will know the full extent of it.

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