Obama totally winning me over

robinsonBarack Obama must be reading this blog, because he seems to be addressing my lingering concerns about him by taking thoughtful and convincing actions. (Hey — it could happen. A lot of people googled “nailing jello to the wall” after J. McCain said the phrase during the last debate, and they often ended up here. Maybe the PRez Elect was one of ’em.)

I was so pleased to see this headline in the Times Online:

Barack Obama asked gay bishop Gene Robinson what it was like to be ‘first’

It turns out that Obama has spoken with Bishop Robinson several times:

Bishop Robinson described his conversations with him as part of Mr Obama’s “extraordinary” outreach to all religious communities, not just Christian groups. Mr Obama, although not a member of The Episcopal Church to which Bishop Robinson belongs, is a committed Christian with the United Church of Christ.

And I found this extremely reassuring:

Bishop Robinson said: “He and I would agree about the rightful place of religion vis-a-vis the secular state. That is to say, we don’t impose our religious values on the secular state because God said so. Our faith informs our own values and then we take those values into the civil market place, the civil discourse, and then you argue for them based on the Constitution. You don’t say to someone, you must believe this because this is what God believes.

“I think God gives us our values and then we argue for those on the basis of the Constitution and care of our neighbour. And I think the Bush administration got very very close to the line if not going over the line in terms of offering support to religious-based groups who were using their social service arms to proselytise and evangelise which I would say is inappropriate.”

Read the entire article here.



  1. Bishop Gene is one of my real heroes. That I know people that know him, so I am just a degree of separation or so away, makes me happy. He is a gift of light to our time.

  2. Great to hear. I liked what the Bishop said about Obama in the article –

    “Bishop Robinson said: “And I must say I don’t know if it is an expression here in England or not but he is the genuine article. I think he is exactly who he says he is.””

    That is very reassuring to hear. If a Bishop can’t tell whether someone is genuine or not then I don’t know who can!

  3. Mauigirl, I think you’re right. I admire Bishop Robinson so much — if he says Obama’s “the genuine article,” he must be!

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