Say what, Mr. President

Another video from the Rachel Maddow show, but I can’t resist. Who voted this guy into the White House? Twice?

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  1. It wasnt me…………I cant stand him.

    I didnt vote for his Father either………

    And as far as Im concerned they should ban ANY member of the Bush family from EVER running again.

  2. Cootamundra W, I never meant to imply that!

    Laura — it’s pretty scary to think another one might run, but … there’s always Jeb!

  3. SueJ, I doubted that you would imply that.

    Seen elsewhere:

    “Conservatives need to do the math.
    We can’t be anti-Hispanic, anti-young
    person and anti many things and be
    surprised when we don’t win elections.”
    — Jeb, who’s smarter than his brother,

    Not that I would vote for Jeb, but I was surprised by the quote.

  4. The first time? Five guys in black robes.

    Second time? I’d like to believe it was Diebold and voter fraud because I’ve encountered very few actual humans in the past couple years who will admit to it.

  5. Jeb isn’t interested. I heard a couple of years ago that Jeb’s son was actually being primed for the position in the future. One reason that I am still holding on to my bumper sticker, “The only Bush I trust is my own”.

    Laura- the question is…Did you vote for Sarah?

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