The (key word) search continues

It’s a rainy Thursday morning. My commute took way too long this morning, so I was behind at work before I even got here. And I’ve got some homework to squeeze in somewhere today. Light blogging today, to say the least. But since you made all the effort to stop by here, it doesn’t seem right for me not to post something. So here we go. The most popular, most interesting, and creepiest searches that brought visitors to this blog recently are:

  • rachel maddow pajamas (yes, please!)
  • rachel maddow have any siblings
  • do people like rachel maddow? (really. must you ask?)
  • rachel maddow with long hair
  • rachel maddow mom (I’ll bet she’s adorable)
  • rachel maddow, newshour (no, that’s Amy Walter, silly)

The rest are just, well, see for yourself:

  • tibetan monk posture
  • smartest girl in the room (why thank you! Unless maybe you meant Rachel Maddow?)
  • squishy aids (um, what?)
  • i used to think (me too!)
  • mormons squishy wall (is that like the undergarments?)
  • guess stories
  • teh sarah cronicles
  • daschle obama administration wimpy (wimpy? is that the best you can do?)
  • vicious grannies
  • happy birthday dog
  • soylent green vs high fructose corn syrup (Oh! HFCS all the way!)
  • cost of jell-o (cost? priceless!)
  • jello poems
  • stinking hellibore (yes, it was mentioned here once ….)
  • jello chair (sounds comfy!)
  • does piper palin attend school? (that’s what I want to know!)
  • can churches lobby? (I can help you with that: No.)
  • is vera wang a republican (matters because …?)
  • dust jello (I am not familiar with that particular flavor, and I don’t think Dr. Zaius would approve)


  1. My alleged ‘eviltwin’ has asked me (and not nicely, I must point out) to remind anyone who cares (!) that it was she who brought stinking hellibore to the attention of jelloheads. Since I was in the middle of trying to stuff her into a mid-sized dog crate, she was unable to type for herself. If anyone finds a dog carrier marked S. Hellibore, please send to the nearest pound. Perhaps someone else needs an evil twin.
    In the meantime, lets see what interesting key word searches are attracted by: Norwegian love nests, lesbian geese, ovaltine douches,
    Kettering Northants, Aloysius the poodle, hybrid analogs, bra hygiene.
    Thank you

  2. Mauigirl — you did me one better by putting them into a Haiku — nice!

    Hil –well thanks a lot. Now I’m going to get people searching for ovaltine douches? Oh fine.

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