“It was a great feeling, while it lasted”

Thanks to Fed. w/ too many goats for pointing out an essay in yesterday’s New York Times, which says so eloquently what many of us are feeling:

Now, I hadn’t exactly ignored the spate of anti-gay ballot initiatives that had passed — in California, Arkansas, Florida and Arizona — on Nov. 4. I’d read about the success of Arizona’s long-attempted gay marriage ban and California’s Proposition 8, which prohibited gay marriage just six months after the state’s Supreme Court ruled that the right to marry was fundamental, and constitutionally protected, for all.

I’d read about how voters in Florida had decided to target not only same-sex marriage but all relationships that were the “substantial equivalent” of marriage, like domestic partnerships and civil unions, and how in Arkansas, where gay marriage was already banned, voters had decided to deny anyone “cohabitating outside a valid marriage” the right to adopt or be a foster parent.

How strange, I’d thought, reading about how, on the day of progressive victories — Obama’s historic win, South Dakota voters’ rejection of a wide-ranging abortion ban, Californians voting down a ballot initiative that would have required parental notification for abortion — these states had passed such uniquely reactionary and discriminatory measures. How ugly. That’s really too bad.

And then I’d moved on. As most people who were not directly affected by the anti-gay rights measures did. There was just too much else to feel good about.

“I think the country was like, ‘Look, you get Obama, call it a day and go home,” is how Kyrsten Sinema, a Democratic state representative in Arizona, who’d opposed her state’s anti-gay ballot initiative, put it to The Times last week.

Please read the rest here.



  1. i always have, and still do, think there is a place at the table for all of us! and my faith helps keep me focused on the fact that someday we will all be sitting around that table, making a toast to all, for the battle we have all fought together!

  2. As much as I love lobster, I would give it up for good if it meant that we all had equal rights (marriage, health, benefits, etc.).
    Hey, I’d even give up wine for good…

    If only it were that easy…

    Let the hard work (to overturn Prop 8, etc.) begin, and may we have the strength to see it through to just results.

  3. This was an excellent column. I think it brings home what it feels like, to a lot of people who hadn’t really thought about it thoroughly.

  4. whatever you want my friend. if you want lobster, it will be lobster!when the times comes, it will be quite the celebration.

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