Sec of State? Clinton-haters wee themselves at the prospect of more bashing!

joeThis morning I subjected myself to the full inanity of “Morning Joe.” I haven’t watched the show often, really only a few times during the height of campaign season as I flipped around the channels. But this morning when I sat down with my coffee and cheerios to watch the news, the local stations quickly got on my nerves.

You see, there was a report of snow flurries somewhere overnight. If you’ve ever lived in a Mid-Atlantic state, you know what that means: Get a reporter out there right now!! Live reports from the side of the Salt Dome! Talk to some people on the street — see if anyone actually saw snow! What? They did? Awesome! Get them on teevee!

It gets a little tiresome.

So I surfed on up to the neighborhood of CNN and MSNBC, and landed on “Morning Joe” just as Joe Scarborough was mid-rant on “the Clinton baggage.”  This is one of those awful shows that has cameras on 4 different panelists all trying to get a word in. Someone was trying to make the point that both Hillary and Bill Clinton are the most vetted people in American history, at this point. But Joe would have none of it — “What is Obama thinking? This has been horribly handled! This is a ridiculous choice!”

I have heard it elsewhere, too, and it sickens me. Instead of this cynical, negative argument, why won’t people consider the possibility that Barack Obama is serious about re-building America’s standing in the world, and wants to use the person with the most international cache at this point? It’s not a knock on anyone else — sure Bill Richardson would be good. But is he internationally loved the way Bill and Hillary Clinton are? He’s certainly not as well known abroad as she is. Even if you are no fan of Hillary Clinton, you have to acknowledge this advantage on the world stage.

I don’t know if she’ll take it. But once again, she’s the best candidate for the job, and some people just can’t stand it.



  1. i think she would be a great choice and like you said, no matter what, some people will always just pick her apart. will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    what, you are not interested in a snow flake blowing around? LOL it’s funny, i am down in PA visiting family and was laughing at the tv reporting of the flurries as if it was time to get the snow plows out. these people should live in maine where snow is just another day in the park!

  2. Joe Scarborough – Yikes! Can that man not love the sound of his voice anymore than he does now? Plus he constantly interrupts others… Face it, Hillary never will get a break from these pundits. She could walk on water and they would swear she’s wearing stilts. And remember, when attacked by clowns, go for the juggler.

  3. I admit I was surprised, but I certainly approve the choice. I hope Obama finds a good job for richardson, he deserves it, but so do many others. I hope she takes it, suspect she will, and I think it will be a great asset to rebuilding our reputation abroad.

  4. I have mixed feelings about the choice. I am not a hard-core Clinton hater nor am I a big Hillary person either.

    That said – folks like angry, bitter Joe and others are just spewing. They need to STFU.

  5. The children took over the television this morning so I missed Morning Joe. It was a nice change, actually.

  6. This might seem strange, but if it was Bill Clinton, I’d be all over it like sashimi on rice. Hillary? This was her weakest card during the primaries.

    That said, I doubt that she could do any greater harm that Mistress Condi did (yeah, Tengrain, damn Hill with faint praise), and at minimum her heart would be in the right place.

    I suspect that it will not happen, though. Mostly because of Bill.



  7. Clinton would be wonderful. Richardson would be good.

    I am sick of the bashing. but they’ll go after her no matter where she is, what she’s doing.

    will obama have the guts?

  8. I agree she is very qualified to be Secretary of State. I cringed at the idea of it being John Kerry.

    I’m glad that apparently it is going to happen.

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