Secrets of the Banana Bread Revealed!

bananabreadIn my effort to make a little of what my mother calls “mad money” (but in my case should more appropriately be called “beer money”), I’ve been writing some “how to” articles over at Payment is based on article popularity, which is calculated by number of times an article was viewed, commented on, and rated.

Normally I would not be so shameless as to tell you this information and then say “now go there and read my articles,” but today is different. Today I wrote about how to make banana bread. And so many of you commented quite favorably on my election day post wherein I was trapped at home with nothing to do but bake, that I honestly think a few of you might possibly be interested in the recipe. I was truly sorry I couldn’t wrap up at least a slice or two and send it your way.

But here’s your chance to make it on your own! So … what are you waiting for? Go read:

How to Make Banana Bread for the Holidays

Why are you still here? Go read it! Help a blogger out here!



  1. I love banana bread! Bought some at the bake sale at the school where we vote, on Election Day. It was great. Will have to try your recipe.

    BTW, come on over to my place – you have an award waiting for you!

  2. // (but in my case should more appropriately be called “beer money”)//

    sheesh… I will help any blogger with beer money… ana alla gotta do is check out banana bread recipes??!!

    Done and done!

  3. wow, I am impressed! I’ll check out the recipe and the site in a jiffy. I’m still looking for someway to make a little extra at home. Nothing has so far worked out. Maybe I can find out how to write a how to about something!

  4. can’t wait till i have 3 ripe bananas to make the bread. hope the hits you got bring in lots of “bread”! lol

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