And that’s how Monday starts

coffeeHappy Monday, everyone. I hope your week is starting off a little smoother than mine. Not that my day has been horrible, it’s just been a little … unpredictable. It began a tiny bit stressfully because I was running slightly behind schedule and I still needed to get gas. Then it became less stressful when I saw gas at $1.75 a gallon. Unfortunately, it went right back to stressful when the autostop did not work on the pump and gas spilled out onto the side of the car and the ground. But hey — it did not get on my shoe, so that’s good, right?

Are you still with me?  So then I tried to wipe some of the gas off the side of the car with the “cleaner” from the squeegee bucket. But of course I had to break through some ice first because it is basically just water. And that process did nothing more than get the smell of gas onto my hand.

The drive to work was good, I must admit, and there was much less traffic than normal. So I made up some time. But then I got to campus and found that there were several water main breaks and roads were closed, so I had to detour a bit to get to the parking garage. And the detour put me right into the “5 minutes before class” schedule, which is the absolute worst time to be driving anywhere on a college campus. It’s like Manhattan at 5 pm.

But, here I am. I made it. And I’m drinking coffee from my little one-cup french press that Unnamed Partner packed up for me this morning.

Maybe Monday’s not so bad, after all.



  1. I will hope for you that Monday doesn’t hold any more nasty little surprises. It’s not the big stuff, it’s the piles of little things that can throw the morning off.

  2. Sorry you had an up-and-down kind of Monday morning. (The gas incident makes me once again thank my lucky stars that I have lived all my adult life in New Jersey, where they pump the gas FOR you!)

  3. at least you didn’t spill $4/gallon gas all over the place! on days like today, you need to be thankful for the little things!

  4. Actually, that sounds kinda nice to me. You ended it on the right note with a lovely, cuppa coffee from someone who loves you very much.

    Everything else is just a distraction.



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