Thinking about Black Friday shopping? Don’t do it!


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My posting may be a little sporadic over the next few days. Unnamed Partner and I are heading down to Virginia tomorrow to help the Jello Parents and Big Jello Brother get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. (Will there be jello?) We’ll be there for 2 nights, and as I believe I have mentioned before, “the Internet machine” does not always work well at their house.

But I wanted to be sure to to get this post up before Friday — just in case any of you are tempted by the sales. I know I was tempted this very afternoon. I went into the University Bookstore to buy a gift for my 15-year niece’s birthday, only to see signs everywhere that said “buy 1 item, get another 50% off!!”  I mean, that’s a good deal, right? So for a fleeting a moment, I thought “maybe I should buy something else, too.” Fortunately it only took a few seconds to come to my senses and realize that there was really nothing else there that I or anyone else I know needs. (Besides the gift, details of which I will not mention further on the off chance that said niece or her brothers should happen to read this…)

Now, I know some people say it’s patriotic to spend money — get the economy going and all that. But I’ve been spending my money all year on gasoline, groceries, car repairs, vet bills, the plumber. I really think I’m doing my part. Especially since there’s no plan to bail me out of my financial difficulties.

Join me in celebrating international Buy Nothing Day, Friday, November 28, 2008.

And for another look at this failed President and his economy, go read this over at distributorcap NY.



  1. Have a great and jello-y Thanksgiving!

    I am very much into the buy nothing mode. I will have to buy a few things… a few, inexpensive and most simple things.

  2. Have a great trip and please be safe. You never know what all that jello will lead to.

    We’re not buying on Friday at all. I stocked up on groceries today so there will be no need to leave the house.

  3. The Black Friday tradition in the Agitator household is to get up early and go… to the supermarket for the big weekly food run. The place is almost always near empty and we fly in and out in record time.

    Hope all of y’all here have a safe and happy holiday.


  4. this will be a trim xmas year for us. but I have to say, the idea of getting up at 4am to go to a store sound like one of the really bad levels of dante’s hell. no thank you.

    that’s why we have computers. to shop with in the comfort of our own little homes.

  5. No stuff for us either – I’ve belonged to AdBusters for years. So glad I’m not having to fight the throngs of slavering shoppers, but get to hang at home with my family, just kicking it and enjoying doing nothing as well as buying nothing – doing nothing, that is, except saying hi to my blog friends and catching up with overdue phone calls.

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