Attitude readjustment time

mom-fritzWith all the bad news lately of violence and killings, I want to hold on to the warm Thanksgiving feeling of being surrounded by family and friends (oh yes, and lots of really good food!).

The way I see it, that’s not sticking my head in the sand, that’s being the change I want to see happen. So instead of joining the masses of crazed shoppers who didn’t even look back as they trampled a poor WalMart worker to death, I visited with my elderly parents a while longer on Friday. Instead of turning off the television and not listening to the news from India, I listened as they told me more stories about their experience in the Foreign Service, when they were stationed in Pakistan and Turkey in the 1950s.

Even Fritz enjoyed our time there.

And today, Unnamed Partner and I are planning a visit with friends in the country, to walk the dogs and enjoy the afternoon.

I’m not ignoring this current state of the world. I just choose not to be a part of ithe insanity. At least for this weekend. We have to start at home.



  1. I know, I feel the same way. I read all the posts about the Wal-Mart trampling of that poor employee, to say nothing of the news stories about India…and it’s so awful that I can’t even say anything that hasn’t been said anyway.

    We’re enjoying some time away with DH’s dad in the Adirondacks. Glad you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend too. Your mom looks great!

  2. I am glad you had good family time and hope you enjoy your outdoor time today.
    We all to recharge/readjust attitudes with the good things. It helps us get through the rest.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  3. glad to hear you had a good weekend with family. mom is looking great. i spent thanksgiving with friends and saturday with family. both days were great and full of good food, companionship and conversation. i can only hope the positive energy blossoms throughout the world.

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