Spreadin’ Some Bloggy Love Today

It’s cold here. I mean, it may be colder where you are right now, but it’s darn cold for Maryland. So I’m taking a lunch break from my task o’ the day, which is to once and for all find and plug up all those leaky spots around the windows and the doors. (Have I mentioned that my house was built in 1924? This may be an impossible task.) As I work around the house today my mind wanders, and I want to post what I’ve been thinking about before my break time is up.

Unnamed Partner and I had the best time last night meeting the Suburban Lesbian Housewife, aka Sara. In town for a blogger conference, Sara was gracious enough to spend some time with us. Meeting bloggers in person is always a little stressful, because there’s such a familiarity — on one level. But it also has the potential to be a little … awkward. I’ve heard of folks who read someone’s blog and thought “I’d like to be friends with him/her,” only to meet them and find out, meh, not so much.  (Note to all the bloggy friends I have met: this does not mean you!)

I’ve really enjoyed reading Sara’s blog for about a year and a half, and we’ve supported each other as beleaguered Hillary Clinton supporters this past year. So we kind of knew each other a little more than some of my other bloggy friends. And yes, alcohol and good food are ice breakers, but they cannot make up for forced conversation or lack of things to talk about. None of that last night!  But when we talked about blogging and bloggers — which was not as much as you might think — I noticed the same thing from when I met a whole mess ‘o bloggers last month: While I think all my bloggy friends know each other, many have never heard of each other. Well, I want to start introducing you to some wonderful writers you may have not yet encountered.

So today, let’s start with a visit to the Suburban Lesbian Housewife, a really great writer, a good sport for walking 5 blocks in the cold for pizza — although it was really good pizza, and we did get to sit right in front of the brick oven — and our friend. Go read her now.



  1. it was really good pizza. and it wasn’t that cold.


    it was a great time. and having met a whole bunch of bloggers in the last few days, I can honestly say Sue was the highlight.

  2. well, all i can say is that sara MUST have been on her very best behavior!!

    she tells me now that the meeting has occurred, the invitation for you and unnamed partner to visit us in downeast maine is likely to happen. it will be good for you to meet your eastern most US jellohead!

  3. i’d wait for warmer weather if i were you! 0 here this morning! will look forward to meeting you.

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