Why Does George Bush Hate Obama’s Daughters?

Obama 2008President-Elect Barack Obama and his wife are trying to do the responsible parent thing, and enroll their daughters in school when the term starts. As you may have heard, the Obamas decided to send Sasha and Malia to Sidwell Friends School (a decision heartily endorsed by this Friends-educated Jello Head).  Well, Sidwell’s classes start up after the holiday break on January 5th, and the Obamas want to move to DC now so the girls can be in class on day one.

Traditionally, the President-Elect comes to Washington DC and  moves into the official guest house of the White House, Blair House, on January 15. This gives him 5 days to settle into the city before he takes the oath of office. Of course, very few Presidents have had the added issue of small children enrolling in school. So, you would think the Bush Administration might be a little flexible and let the Obama family move in a bit early.

Yeah, right.  From the Washington Post:

The Bush administration has denied President-elect Barack Obama‘s request to move early into an official guesthouse across from the White House, citing previously scheduled but unannounced commitments, a transition official said yesterday….

Sally McDonough, a spokeswoman for first lady Laura Bush, said in a statement that Blair House will be “available to President-elect Obama and his family starting January 15, as is historically the case.” Before that, McDonough said, “should he need to use it for a meeting or such he can certainly request it and the transition office will check its availability.”

She said that, in addition to presidential guests, Blair House “is frequently used by White House officials, the State Department and its Office of Protocol for various events.”

McDonough declined to say what events had been booked at the house. Administration officials said there are no foreign dignitaries scheduled to stay there during the first two weeks of January, but some farewell events have been booked for departing Bush administration officials.

Well, we wouldn’t want to get in the way of farewell parties for the “departing Bush administration officials.” I am quite sure the staff at the State Department have a really big bash planned for Sec. of State Condaleeza Rice — perhaps to include shoes flying though the air in general direction?


  1. A legacy like that must not be sullied at the last minute by something so uncharacteristic as simple human kindness. Remember, this Kowboy is ‘stickin’ to his guns’.

  2. Yeah, why go and act human at this juncture? That would be simply uncalled for. Remain the chimp asshat you are!

  3. no child left behind…

    we all know that was a joke from the beginning. now the first family’s children left behind.

  4. why would any of us think that there would be anything resembling compassion, or just good old human kindness, come out of this old administration.

    if the shoe throwing thing were an american practice, mr. bush would be ducking continually!! too bad they missed!

  5. ViVi – Considering the right-wing factions are continuing the incompetent rudeness of the previous administration and the Republican (Just say NO) Congress are in complete denial of the needs of their constituents, I believe Obama is tackling the issues the best he can at this time without just telling the above mentioned to just go…grow up.

  6. How do I feel about Obama? I still feel that he was not my first choice for president, and I am still deliriously happy that the Republicans are no longer living in the White House nor holding the majority in Congress.

  7. Morgan – The needs of the constituents are clearly noted in ALL polls. ALL of them. I don’t believe the Republicans/Conservatives are in complete denial – I believe the people that are uninformed are.

    Sue J – I voted for Obama, but I am informed now. The information I receive is ignored and/or avoided by other news outlets – and then picked up weeks later only when shit is hitting the fan; whereas the news I watch was covering that shit before it hit the fan.

    To the both of you – to all of you – I ask that you look at the big picture – and not just the pixel.

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