Obama Signs … of the Future?

obamachangeAs seen tonight while Fritz and I took our evening stroll in the neighborhood: An Obama campaign sign lying in the gutter. Today was trash day. Make of it what you will.

To all Obama fans, I am sorry.  But the choice of anti-gay, anti-choice, pro assasination Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at this inauguration has left me an irretrievable cynic.



  1. Thanks for that thar linky love, by the way.

    And yeah, as of today, call me the Loyal Opposition.

    This Warren stuff has me feeling very glum.

    And seriously betrayed.

  2. I could not agree more.

    I feel sadness, rage and confusion. It is not good. No rationalization – I did plenty of that all along. Not for this – no way.

  3. Based on Obama’s previous luke-warm support of GLBT issues, this latest move is disappointing but not totally unexpected.

    Apparently, “change” is not always good, but we have to think it is better than the alternative choice we had.

    Re-affirms my personal choice of Dennis Kucinich during the dems primary fight. At least we know where he stands on our community and equal rights . . . .

  4. Sent a strong letter to President Elect Obama today. Not pleased that my first letter to him is one of rage and not congratulations. What a stain on inauguration day. Second class citizenship is once again shoved down my throat. I have hope that equal rights are still in site.

  5. Well, it’s strike 2 in my book: his Secretary of Education pick is also supremely inappropriate and strikingly calculated ….

    Yes, they’ll probably all be better than anyone from the Bush Administration, but really — that’s our yardstick now?

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