Meanwhile, The Family Values Clown Parade Continues!

sarah-palin_4_-360_418653aFrom The Telegraph:

Bristol Palin’s future mother-in-law arrested on drug charges

When I first heard about this I thought well, maybe she has a lot of acres in Alaska, and was growing marijuana. And that should be decriminalized anyway, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Heh.

Mrs Johnston was taken into custody on Thursday at her home in Wasilla, Alaska, where Mrs Palin used to be mayor and still lives, and was charged with six counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance.

Officials in Alaska said that the arrest was connected with the strong prescription painkiller OxyContin. In addition to possession charges, Mrs Johnston faces a felony charge usually related to selling or manufacturing the drugs.

I love this description of the Palin Family:

From the beginning, her colourful family was in the spotlight.

Mrs Palin, a mother of five, was forced to reveal that her eldest daughter Bristol was pregnant during the Republican convention in September in order to silence rumours that her 17-year-old daughter was actually the mother of her own son, Trig, who was born with Down’s Syndrome earlier this year…

The arrest comes at an awkward time for Mrs Palin, who is trying to rebuild her national political credibility after polls suggested her harsh rhetoric on the campaign trail alienated floating voters.

I hate when an arrest comes at an awkward time.



  1. Class all the way, aren’t they? I guess that’s the “Real” America that Gov. Palin kept talking about.

  2. I wonder what you assholes would say if that was one of BO’s relatives.
    Why it has nothing to do with Obama! He’s a saint, well time and Blago will tell.

  3. Mr Parker, I wonder what you would say if this was one of Obama’s relatives. I daresay it would be pretty nasty.

    Obama’s no saint, that’s for sure, but he didn’t run on the platform of righteous living like the Republicans did.

  4. Mr Parker, Obama has never been made out by Jello-Heads to be a saint.
    I would also request that in future you refrain from using expletives. The inflammatory nature of expletives reduces my inclination to consider your point of view.

  5. Jello, nobody FORCED the Whore of Wasilla ot reveal anything, and that’s assuming Momma Sarah’s announcement the correct timing for Bristol’s pregnancy in your post, too. And, speakingn of that, Dec. 20 is past; where is Cousin Itt Palin?

  6. SocraticGadfly, as much as I enjoy having new commenters, I am a little disturbed by the juvenile language being used lately. I know that discussions of Sarah Palin bring this out in people, but this is my warning to all commenters:

    We are not going down the road of middle school insults to anyone here at Nailing Jello to the Wall. Commenters who do, will simply get deleted.

    — The Management

  7. wow, what a cord you must have hit! guess we jelloheads are just some people behinds! lol

    i know that i have disagreed, argued or questions many posts in the past, but have always tried to do so intelligently. hopefully i will never p.o. the management!

    as for sarah palin, she is irrelevent. and unless she gets back onto the national stage, i will be glad not to hear ANYTHING about her and her family.

  8. Umm, just wondering when having one of your relatives arrested for selling oxycontin ISN’T an awkward moment…

    Oh, and don’t feed the trolls. It just encourages them. Especially the ones with potty mouths.

  9. And I hope all y’all have a wonderful and happy and safe holiday, whatever holiday that may be.


  10. Donald, you know you are well-loved by the management! In fact, we were worried about you what with all the snow you’ve been getting up there — glad to know Teh Internets are still working!

    QuakerDave — Happy Holidays to you as well!

  11. between shoveling, snow blowing, warming up by the fire, decorating the house and wrapping presents, i still find a few moments to read my favorite blogs! happy holidays to one and all, even those that feel it necessary to call us names! remember, this holiday is about peace and love!

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