“Feds may mine blogs for terrorism clues “

bush_internetsI have a mixed reaction to that headline from today’s USA Today. I mean, on the one hand, as someone who writes a blog I find the prospect of Feds trolling around what I write looking for “terrorism clues” a little worrisome. I mean, if I type a certain phrase, will they google it and end up here — only to hang out for a while, even though I am clearly not a terrorist threat? It’s really not such a crazy throught. After all, the NSA kept listening in on phone conversations long after it was clear the content of the calls was nothing more than phone sex between US soldiers and their spouses.

On the other hand, though, I also find it pretty alarming that the powers that be seem to have no more knowledge of Teh Internets than my 84-year old father, who just discovered the world of Wikipedia.  I mean, now they are looking at message boards?


  1. I know…on one hand, the idea of them looking around in our blogs for clues is scary – but if this is the first time they thought of this it’s even MORE scary! Well said.

  2. i always knew that “teh” was a signal of some sort! maybe my misuse of the quotation marks may confuse them and send them over to that blog!!

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