Just Say No to Rick Warren

You know how therapists always like to say stuff like “Remember, you always have options”? (You know, not that I know anything about that personally, but, um,  that’s what I hear.) Anyway, they’re right. And on January 20, 2009, you have an option when Rick Warren begins to speak. Instead of listening to his lying words of  hypocrisy, visit The Alternative Invocation, where bloggers — some religious, some not — will be providing words of love and compassion and hope.

And in the meantime, please enjoy this video from BlueGal:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Say no to Rick Warren“, posted with vodpod


  1. Thanks for the link to The Alternative Invocation.

    The idea is for bloggers to post their own alternative invocations on their blogs on Inauguration Day. If this is something that you’re moved to do, please come by the web site and leave a comment so’s I can add your name to our list.

    Thanks again.

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