Friday Video: Your Rachel Maddow Fix

Usually I post a music video on Fridays, and I still may before the day is up. But I ran across this lovely clip of Rachel Maddow on the Daily Show, over at Dorothy Surrenders, and I cannot resist. And considering that the top two searches for this blog are: #1 Rachel Maddow, and #2 jello, I don’t think anyone will mind….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Dorothy Surrenders“, posted with vodpod

Now. Where did I put that jello?



  1. We all know that Rachel is a closeted jello-head. Can you imagine the hits you would get if she actually came out? I have to admit that I thought of you the other night when I watched this on the Daily Show. I wondered what you thought of Rachel’s Drew Carey look, or got past it and you just imagine yourself taking those glasses off her. Happy Friday!

  2. she needs to stop squishing up her face when she laughs. but I thought the glasses were cute.

    maybe cuz I was imagining taking them off…

    she DID finally look quite butch. I liked that too. of course, then I just wanted to be her pal…

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