Preparing for the Icy Weather Ahead

Via Graphjam:




  1. Oh, and you should see them in Georgia where it isn’t even icy. They just started requiring people to take formal drivers’ ed last year.

  2. here in boston the problem is with morons who don’t go fast enough becuase they think the three flakes that have fallen are deadly.

    different perspective.

    same problem.


  3. I was being facetious… I saw the Graphjam link. I was actually wondering if your post was generated due to a close encounter with one of those in the majority?. I hadn’t seen the one on your link. That’s great, thanks.

  4. My husband just came home after being gone for almost an hour. The traffic was so bad that he only managed to get a few miles and that took an hour, he had another 25 miles to go. He’ll be working from home today….sigh, there goes my day of lounging around and eating bon-bons!

  5. Here in Georgia the typical driver can’t handle a little bit of rain on the road. They freak out if there’s frost. I don’t want to think about what it’ll be like if there’s any actual snow or ice this winter.

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