Wednesday Poetry Break: Dances with Cats?

Just time for a quick poem this morning. So here’s one inspired my my feline companion Isaac, who kept me up last night by purring in my ear. Believe me, I do know — life could be a whole lot worse than that.

There was an Old Man on the Border

There was an old man on the Border,
Who lived in the utmost disorder;
He danced with the cat, and made tea in his hat,
Which vexed all the folks on the Border.
— Edward Lear



  1. I do the cat dance every morning as I try to not trip over them as they sing for their breakfast.

    That’s a fun poem.

  2. My aunt has always danced with her cat. She picks him up and they dance around together. Now that she’s 88 I’m not sure she can manage it anymore though – he weighs almost 20 lbs!

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