MLK Day of Service

Somewhat lost in the excitement over the January 20th inauguration is the fact that Monday, January 19th, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. President-elect Barack Obama has called on Americans to honor Dr. King’s memory in a day of national service. Service can mean anything from painting the local elementary school to giving blood. If you have the day off from work, surely you can do something?

Here’s a link from, which lets you search for events in your neighborhood. There’s more going on out there than you might think:

Service Events

Remember, change begins at home, and it begins with you.


  1. i would, but i think i might be tied up fixing sara’s curtain hanging disaster!! this is, if i am not too hung over from the big bash on saturday night! LMAO

    seriously, what a great idea. we can all do more in our communities to make life better for our neighbors.

  2. It sounds like you have your own personal service project whenever Sara picks up a power tool. I’m sure Rev. King would approve!

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