Whole Lotta Taggin’ Goin On!

I’ve been tagged in a couple of different places to write “Things About Me” posts, which I actually find quite difficult.  I really don’t like to write “about me.” Plus, I think I already did the “Six Random Things About Me” meme a few months ago, so in order to keep from repeating myself, the following list is going to be really random. And finally, rather than name six bloggers, as I am supposed to do, I send the invite out to all of you: if you have a blog, consider yourself tagged to write this post as well. Or not. It’s Friday — do what you want.

1. I really should be drinking more water. As in, water that is not consumed as an ingredient in coffee or an alcoholic beverage.

2. Last night I made chocolate pudding. Mmmmmm, chocolate. Mmmmmm, pudding!

3. I have been fighting a head cold for about a week, which really needs to either get on with it and settle in so I can just plan on holing up all weekend with chicken soup and Netflix — or it needs to be gone so I can breath through my nose!

4. I wonder why George W. Bush insists on annoying me right up to the end of his term, delaying our one regular date-night event at the House of Jello, namely watching Sherlock Holmes every Thursday night at 8 o’clock.  There we were, situated in our seats, spoons posied to dip into the chocolate pudding, when his smirking little face came on the screen.  Can we officially start counting the hours now?

5. I really do want a Nintendo Wii, but I can’t possibly justify purchasing something that expensive right now , so I will just continue to mooch off my family and friends who have one. I can live with that (see yesterday’s post referring to “wants” versus “needs.”)  I’ll save up for it, and maybe the price will inch downward. (Yeah, right — maybe!)  So imagine my disbelief when I heard this story on the news last night:

Housing official pleads guilty to stealing gift cards

Lindbergh Carpenter Jr., 44, who appears to be included in a 31-page indictment filed against Dixon last week as “Baltimore City Housing Employee #5,” pleaded guilty to a charge of theft….

On Dec. 20, 2007, the date of the Holly Trolley distribution event, Carpenter gave stacks of gift cards to Deputy Housing Commissioner Reginald Scriber, who gave them to [Baltimore Mayor Sheila ] Dixon and others who passed them on to “needy families,” the statement said.

After the tour, housing officials donated leftover toys to various community centers, and Carpenter put about 25 extra gift cards in a department safe. Later that month, the statement says, he opened the safe and took seven cards.

Five months later, on May 21, 2008, he used the seven cards toward the purchase of a $265 NintendoWii console from Toys “R” Us. The transaction was recorded on the store’s security cameras.

6. I am very happy that today is Friday, and I am going out for a cheeseburger and a beer tonight. I sure do know how to live it up, don’t I? Maybe I’ll have 2 beers. What the heck. (Hmmm, so much for item #1 ….)


  1. the more beers you drink, the more water you chug before bed to keep from being hungover. seems like a reasonable approach, no?

  2. Hummm … number 2 could apply to a Facebook comment I posted earlier today … now your address again is ?????


  3. Sometimes a cheeseburger is all it takes to live it up. (I would have been so bent out of shape about the Sherlock Holmes! Makes me think I need to check our PBS listings. I think they were going to be showing them,too.)

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