Finally — A Human Touch in the White House

It’s so refreshing to see the President and Mrs. Obama in public. I almost hadn’t realized how embarrassing and painful the Bush II’s really were — I guess I had become desensitized to their phony ways. From expensive clothes that never fit right to boorish behavior in public, they were like the relatives you try to pretend you aren’t related to. (Actually, I don’t have any relatives like that, but that’s what I hear.)

Seeing the images of the Obamas, I was struck by the way they carry themselves, which of course affects the way they wear their clothes. There is a confidence and purpose in their posture.

Now, I’m no clothes-horse, by any means, but appreciate people who can wear elegant clothes — elegantly. I was constantly struck by how sharp they both looked all day and all night of the Inauguration coverage. But I was worried about Michelle and that off-the-shoulder gown. I mean, it was really cold in DC that night. Which leaves me even more charmed by this photo from USA TODAY, of the Obamas in a freight elevator on their way to yet another in the endless stream of Inaugural Balls:




  1. Who knew that the President and First Lady took freight elevators!?!
    And there IS something special about the way in which they relate to each other.. I hope it continues.

  2. what a great photo. they are both so comfortable with being who they are. no need to be putting on airs. what a refreshing change.

  3. That’s really nice. Imagine Chimpy caring about anyone, even Pickles, enough to be such a gentleman as to offer his coat.

    I have a hard enough time picturing them in the same elevator – he’d leave her on the sidewalk and go up first.



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