Your Congress on YouTube

I know what you’re saying: “Sue J.!  You’ve been silent for days and days, and this is the best you can come up with?!”

Well, yeah. I don’t know what variation of “the common cold” I’ve been battling for the past week or so, but it really kicked me to the curb. My entire weekend was spent on the couch, dozing and occaisionally waking up to blow my nose and catch a few moments of Top Chef before going under again. So I am vaguely aware of an awful lot going on in the political world, but not clearheaded enough to have a go at any of it.

Fortunately, our members of Congress have provided some easy material for me with their new YouTube Channels.  That’s right — now you can watch the amazing card-reading antics of Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner, all from the comfort of your own computer.

And as is typical of folks who are one step behind every trend, Congress seems to have been unaware of the 13-year old adolescent nastiness that always seems to go along with YouTube commenters. Not that they don’t deserve to be ridiculed, but that’s a pretty harsh audience over at YouTube. So one some of the videos you can leave a comment, and it’s not pretty. Fortunately, on the individual members’ YouTube Channels the comments have been closed. At least some staffer knew what they were doing.

I will say that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont comes across as an intelligent and dedicated man — and as someone who doesn’t need cue cards. You can see all of the members of the House here, and the Senate here. Just be nice if you leave a comment there. Remember your manners.



  1. The bug you have sounds like the one that has turned to bronchitis for a number of folks I know… And even when it didn’t for others, it took weeks for them to recuperate. Take it slowly – be good to yourself. Work on getting well.
    (Bernie Sanders has always been one of my faves..)

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