Really? This is What You’re Looking For?

The current top searches here (in order, no less):

  • rachel maddow
  • guantanamo
  • jello
  • rachel maddow girlfriend
  • guantánamo

I have no idea what this says about the American public. What do you think?



  1. Oh lord.

    You know that thing below your post – Possibly related posts

    One of the titles is “My husband’s girlfriend

    Now that’s a fine how do you do. Two of the four are Rachel-related. Much better……

  2. ha! I just checked out that post about my husband’s girlfriend. and wouldn’t you know it – it’s about (drumroll) Rachel!

  3. Lisa, Rachel Maddow is everyone’s “other” girlfriend!

    Cootamundra, apparently. “Rachel Maddow” is the Number 1 search phrase that brings people to this blog. But I don’t know — I searched her name, and we didn’t come up in the first 8 pages of results, and then I kind of lost interest.

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