Those Geniuses at Exxon Are At It Again

The headline from the New York Times is intriguing:

Exxon Posts Record 2008 Profit Despite Slip in 4th Quarter

And that wasn’t just a little “slip.” Exxon’s profits fell by whopping 33 percent in the 4th Quarter.  So you have to wonder how those oil executives managed to still come up with record profits. If they have some secret to success, they really should share it with the rest of us — it would be unpatriotic not to in these stressful times.

Except that there’s no secret. It’s called “running a business wisely.”

Because of its close attention to cost reduction and efficiency, Exxon is weathering the drop in oil prices better than most of its rivals.

And so, I will continue to drive past the Exxon station when I need gas.



  1. i have to be running on fumes, and an exxon station my only choice, before i ever give them a dime for gas. they certainly haven’t gotten rich off of me!

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