1. happy birthday to her. we will celebrate both of your birthdays with unnamed maine crustacean feast when you come to maine this summer.

  2. PARTY at the house of Jello! Happy birthday, Unnamed Partner. Maybe this year you’ll share your secret identity with all of your blogosphere admirers!

  3. Thanks, everyone — I certainly passed along your good wishes. Unfortunately, UP had class last night, so it wasn’t much of a party, but there were flowers, dinner, and sweets for dessert. And yes, there was even a candle, with “Happy Birthday” accompaniment by Fritz the Dog! (Think, “Scooby Do”)

  4. Hey Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes….!
    It was a lovely day even though I had to attend class that night.
    Sue of course made it so nice with dinner and flowers…!!!

    Donald – the un named crustaceans better watch out. ; )

    love to all.

    Laura 😉

  5. bring it on UP, we in maine are not afraid!!

    can’t wait to have you both here in maine and have a true downeast lobster feast! all you can eat!

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