Iraq Violence Continues, Media Coverage Lacking

us_war_deaths_coffins_dodThe killing continues in Iraq, despite the fact that the mainstream media no longer finds it “interesting” to report. In fact, if you don’t have a friend or relative stationed there, you can almost forget that we are still fighting a war there. You certainly don’t see coverage on the evening news, which is more interested in reporting about Michael Phelps’ bong hits than about people dying in a war in some far off land. (Dude! Two words: “camera” “phone”.)

Fortunately, the website consistently and with much dedication keeps track of the violence in Iraq (and Afghanistan).  They and a few others work hard to report on the statistics that are the realities of war. Namely, that there are now 4236 confirmed deaths of U.S. soldiers. Or that Iraqi Security Forces and civilian deaths in January 2009 alone were 186, which is, thankfully down from December 2008, with a total of 320. Then there’s this statistic: U.S. military who died of self-inflicted wounds: 167.

These numbers represent individual people. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Partners, lovers, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors. They are doctors, engineers, teachers, students, medics, mechanics, clerks and poets. They are soldiers and civilians. They are young and they are old. They each have a story. They each leave behind someone who grieves.

Other headlines from icasualties that you not have heard elsewhere:

Iraqi officials survive explosions in Baghdad

Suicide bomber kills 15 people in Diyala province

U. S. soldier, opposing Iraq War, seeks asylum

109 news media workers killed in 2008

Reuters: Roadside bomb wounds two civilians in Mosul

Reuters: Grenade thrown at U.S. military convoy wounds civilian

Car bomb wounds 2 people in northern Mosul

Gunmen wound civilian in Kirkuk

Car bomb wounds 4 people in western Baghdad

Grave with six bodies discovered in Iraq

And these are just from the last 2 days.



  1. there is no way they can make it too personal. the war would have been over a long time ago if the american public would have been bombarded with those photos on a regular, or even an occassional basis! you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind. very sad really!!

    thanks for reminding us about this terrible war. we seen to forget!

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