Rachel Maddow’s Kryptonite Discovered! Carrot Soup?

rachel_maddowActually, it’s more than just carrot soup. It turns out, it’s cooking! But bless her heart, Rachel still went on Martha Stewart’s show recently and gamely stood by while Martha cooked up some carrot soup.  You can see the clip at AfterEllen. And I promise you will want to rescue poor Rachel, who looks like she would rather be just about anywhere but in a kitchen.

But then! She is back to her brilliant and charmingly confident self when Martha brings out Rachel’s very own personal cocktail shaker, and Rachel prepares a “Cherry Julep.” Ahem. That’s the second clip over at AfterEllen.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe Ms. Martha was flirting with our Rachel. But then again, who can blame her?!



  1. There are so many clips of Rachel making cocktails on YouTube – she truly does have a mastery of classic drinks.

    Thanks for this post. I think everyone has a crush on Maddow… even ol’ Prison Break Martha!



  2. hhhm. she’s an awesome woman, but she doesn’t do it for me.

    SOooo. When are you gonna do something on the fabulous Amy Walter. Huh.?
    She’s just as Fab if not more so. Uhhh- the eyes, the smile. !

  3. Hey UP! Who cooks in your home? Might be time to break out the cookbooks. Although, Rachel isn’t any competition. I with you, doesn’t do anything for me either. I think it’s the constant snarky style. She is intelligent…it’s the presentation I don’t always care for. Now, Amy Walter, you are definitely on to something there!

  4. Morgan — I’ll answer that: UP does 99% of the cooking in our house! And she don’t need no stinkin’ cookbooks!

    And I get the message. I will do a post on the wonder that is Amy Walter, as well ….. coming right up!

  5. Oh, good! What time should I be over for dinner? I was afraid it was Fritz’ night to cook for the other 1%. …I know, I know, you make that GREAT banana bread!

  6. as much as i love her, she looked pretty geeky! not at all comfortable in the kitchen, wonder how she is in the bedroom? LOL maserated cherries anyone??

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