Memes and Such

A lot happens when you slow down on your blogging. People stop by and say nice things, for example. Two of my favorite bloggers did just that, recently. But of course, these memes, awards, and such, generally come with some task and I just haven’t had time to  do them justice. But I’m sitting on the couch, the dishwasher’s running, and Fritz the dog is snoring away.  It’s time to do my duty.

friends_awardFirst up is the “Friend” tag. This was troublesome to me, because I have so many friends in the blogging world and I don’t want to pick some and leave the rest out. So, I’m going to name my new “friends” who I have actually met in person. Of course, I also have many friends who I only know online, and they, too, are my friends. Case in point is Border Explorer, the blogger who bequeathed this on me. We have never met in person, but I certainly feel that I have gotten to know her. I hope you will, too. She does some great stuff over there.

So anyway, in no order, here are the blogger “friends” I have met in person:


Lisa Golden

distributorcap NY


Suburban Lesbian Housewife


Dr. Zaius

Please stop by and visit them.

fabulousblogawardsandeeNext up is this “Fabulous Award.” According to Mauigirl, who so kindly tagged me, “Those who receive this award are required to talk about five addictions they have, and then of course bequeath the award to five other bloggers.” So here are my five, with a list of blogger at the end ….

1. Coffee. Obvious? Sorry, but it’s true. The few times in my adult life when I’ve tried to “go off” caffeine have convinced me that I am indeed addicted. The aroma, the taste, the entire process of brewing a cup. Ahhhhhhhhh. And nothing too fancy, too petite. A strong French roast and I’m delirious.

2. Routine. If my schedule changes, I get very cranky. I like to go to bed at about the same time, get up at the same time, go to work the same way, etc. etc. Unfortunately, I have created a monster with my dog, who also craves routine. When I come home from work, he expects his walk. Right away. If I try to get away with just a trip out back, he won’t go for it. And every night at about 9:30 he stands up and looks at me as if saying, “Aren’t we going up?”

3. News. I am a junkie. Whenever we go on vacation, I always read the local newspaper. If I am away from newspapers, teevee, radio, for more than 24 hours I’m just beside myself. Until I make it to about 72 hours away from news, and then I seem to be able to be distracted enough to “forget” about the news. (Until we go into a coffee shop with a television playing …)

4. Carbs. In any form.

5. Cheeseburgers from Koco’s Pub in Baltimore. I really don’t eat much meat these days, but I have such a weakness for these things. The burger, the cheese, the mayo, the french fries ….  Oh my!

And now, in case you didn’t see this coming, I tag the following bloggers (who of course should feel welcome to skip it):


Lisa Golden

distributorcap NY


Suburban Lesbian Housewife


Dr. Zaius



  1. I am the WORST at memes and awards. Just ask Mauigirl who has also kindly awarded me.

    It is a great gift to have met you in November, I already felt like I knew you!

  2. I’m honored to be one of your friends. It was such a hoot to meet you in November and I hope we can get together again! Thank you for thinking of me!

  3. Great addictions, Sue! I love the one about routine – I’m that way too. My husband likes to mix up the direction he takes when we go places and I get very bent out of shape – “Why did you turn up THIS road? This isn’t how I go!” Diva is totally like your dog. She insists on getting her Greenie IMMEDIATELY after her morning walk. She won’t let me get away with not walking her at night even though we have a fenced-in yard. She too barks at us from 9:30 on to go to bed. I’ve finally taken to bringing her up to the bedroom, settling her down on the bed and turning out the light so she’ll leave us alone.

    I too am a news junkie!

    Hope I get to join the club of bloggers who have met each other one of these days! I feel as if I know all of you already!

  4. I don’t do memes (except when I do), and believe it or not, I already did this one.

    Routines are important – but try to shake ’em loose now and then (just so you can start new and improved routines).



  5. I’ve really got to get out more … as I am just seeing this! Thanks for the link. I’m so behind in everything these days, don’t know when I will get a chance to do this. I’m supposed to be doing my taxes right now! ha


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