When Pitchers and Catchers Report …

Can Spring be far behind? And with it comes the hope for better times ahead. Sure, we still won’t have any pitching or hitting with the Orioles this year (again), but we have these nifty new road jerseys, here modeled by one Mister Jim Palmer. Sigh ….




  1. Since winter depresses the heck out of me, nothing cheers me up like the pitchers and catchers reporting! Baseball means summer and it is on its way!

  2. What Mauigirl said.

    Those new duds are cool. I like the retro look jerseys.

    Now if we could just get back to high socks, and get rid of those pajamma pants…

  3. i just keep waiting for my two favorite words, play ball!!

    can’t wait to be sitting in fenway with my best friends, eating hotdogs and peanuts, drinking beer, and hearing ben say the guy on the scoreboard needs to pluck his eyebrows!! sorry sara, he will never live that one down! LOL

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