You Know, Some Days are Just Like That

felixOne of my friends said this week that he was having a Monday on a Tuesday.

My day today is not exactly a Monday, but it’s got an odd sense to it. It’s like the general depressed state of our country has infected my very being. It is Thursday, after all, and by the end of every week I’m generally pretty worn down from a pretty long drive to and from work, and from being very much not a morning person who gets up early in order to beat the traffic. So when my alarm went off at 5:20, I made the executive decision to turn it off and roll over.

(One of the many ways in which I am grateful that I do not teach school any more: If I need to sleep in, I often can. Yes, if I have a meeting scheduled I can’t; and yes, I have to burn a couple of hours of leave time to do it. But: burn the leave, or burn me out? Hmmmmmm.)

Anyway, you may remember that I mentioned recently one of my addictions is routine. So even a self-imposed break in my routine sets my day off a little funky. Extra sleep, sure, but I still end up feeling tired and out of sorts. The drive in wasn’t any better at this hour. You would think I might have missed the worst of the traffic by going in late, but while the commuters were mostly where the needed to be, the tractor trailers were still very well represented. So even going in two hours later than normal, I was still about 10 minutes late …..

My stress level was not helped at all by the “moron”  — as Big Brother Tom would say — who came flying around the corner on level two of the parking garage, in a silver car with no headlights on. Fortunately I saw him out the corner of my eye, and equally fortunately the car behind me was far enough back that they didn’t hit me when I slammed on the brakes.

Now I’m just worrying about everything. I hate feeling like that.

But why can’t I get this meeting of 4 people scheduled? I have tried every time and date combination, and someone always has something else that wasn’t on the public calendar.

And when I am in such desperate need of a haircut, why must the next available appointment be … Wednesday?!

And if my federal tax refund doesn’t show up in my direct deposit soon, I am positive it must mean I’m being audited. (There is no reason to be audited, you understand, it is simply my state of anxiety in general.)

What if Spring never comes?

Fellow bloggers, do you ever finish writing a post, reread it, and delete the entire thing? I am just about to do that because I worry that I’m going to bum you all out with this post.

But then I’ll worry about what else I should post about.



  1. Topped with a cheeseburger with your favorite people and all will be right with the world again (well, some things will be right…).

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