Please pardon our delay ….

There is a general malaise among bloggers. We are a passionate people, but there is something in the air. And it is not inspiration.

I started writing a blog in May 2007. Those were heady times, full of blogging material. Indeed, I felt compelled to write because of what I was reading, watching , and hearing  in the mainstream media every day. I wrote because I had opinions that I wanted to be heard, and because there were stories that I felt needed attention. A diehard liberal and political junkie, I started out the last presidential campaign as a Dennis Kucinich supporter. I knew he wouldn’t get the nomination, but I felt that as long as he was in the campaign, issues of peace and justice would get air time in this culture of attention deficit disorder. When it became a clear race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, I threw my support behind Clinton because I felt she would be better equipped to take over the monumental mess that George W. Bush was leaving us.

I am happy with much of what President Obama has done. I still wonder what President Hillary Clinton would have done.

With no campaign drama, we are now left to the daily news of unemployment, foreclosures, falling stock market, violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Rwanda, China, Darfur, Mexico, and elsewhere. But there’s no drama in the sense we wake up every morning to new results — polls, primaries, and all the rest.  There’s no one marching in the streets, calling for change . Instead, our writing efforts bring incremental change.

So tonight, instead of looking forward to a presidential debate (or vice presidential — remember those days?!), I’m settling in for President Obama’s address to Congress. Congress:  Half of whom are betting on his failure in the economic crisis –counting on it  just so they can say “Told ya so!” in 2010.  There’s no “drama.” Instead of getting my drinks in order tonight and im’ing with friends, I’m playing “where’s your rope?” with the dog. Actually, even the dog doesn’t care anymore — he’s now sleeping front of the fireplace.

But each day is a day of possibility. The issues facing us now seem so overwhelming, but blogging is the embodiment of democracy, and we will find our voices again.  Each day is a new chance to tell people about what’s going on in the world, to give a new perspective, and maybe even poke a little fun while we’re at it. (If you are religious, you may note a parallel between this lull in blogging, and lent.) I predict a lull in blogging, followed by a hailstorm of posts in the coming months.

Support your local blogger. And fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.



  1. Thank you for this. yes, I am too feeling the blogging blahs.

    but I did get very riled up last night. felt a little of the old passion start to come back. I’m tired of the war. I’m tired of bailing out companies that should be out of business because they can’t run a business.

    what about the local pizza place that went under? do they get a billion dollar loan? even when their pizza sucked?

    slowly… it’s coming back.

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