A Day Playing Hooky is a Busy Day, Indeed

fritzIt turns out that even though I was quite busy this weekend, two days was simply not enough. So, I’m playng hooky from work today to keep chipping away at the chores at home.  The chores are innumerable. Our house was built in 1924, and has not always had the most caring of homeowners, so it has some, uh “issues,” shall we say. Then there’s my car, which is also an antique, though slightly more recent than 1924. The poor thing hadn’t had the interior cleaned in months and months, and contained a nice collection of leaves, dog hair, and dirt. (And, it turned out, a large bag of change that we had stashed underneath the driver’s seat at some point around Christmas!)

All along the East Coast, we enjoyed pleasant, warm weather this weekend. Of course, “warm” is a relative term, and I’m sure Massachusetts was not as “warm” as Georgia, but we’ll all take what we can get at this point, I’m sure. Unnamed Partner and I spend most of Saturday clearing out leaves from flower beds and from the front steps and porch. And yes, the Halloween pumpkin bade its final farewell.

I love the changing of  seasons. Each new season I always think “This is my favorite season!” But then, of course, it’s a new season before you know it. But with a new season comes a sense of renewal, a sense of re-birth. Or, put another way, a do-over.

And Spring is the ultimate do-over. Where there was a brown, drab bed in the front yard last week, we have uncovered signs of green at the base of the St John’s Wort, Lamb’s Ear, Lavender, and Phlox. The Star Magnolia we planted last year has small buds emerging. And the lawn, now with the leaves removed, shows signs of rebounding, as well. Bulbs are poking their heads up, albeit somewhat tentatively.  Even the sounds are different. The morning is now full of songs from cardinals and blue jays. And much of the weekend we heard the surest sign of warm weather, known locally as the “fat boys of Harford Road.”

So I’m grabbing one more day of this, because the weather is supposed to turn chilly again and I see no reason to spend today inside when it’s slow at work right now. Rainy days are a part of the deal with this Spring do-over, of course, and I accept that. But I think it’s only fair to accept the nice weather that is given, as well.  There is still much to be done outside: the pond needs to have the leaves scooped out, the back yard also has beds to be cleared out — not to mention beds along both sides of the house. The parking pad in the back is unusable because it’s full of brush, collected over the winter.

So, one more cup of coffee, and then Fritz and I will be heading outside. Because as any good dog knows, the main priority on a day off is always a long walk.



  1. we even had a moderately warm couple days, by maine standards, over the weekend. still too much snow on the ground to see if anything would dare be peeking through the ground just yet, that is still at least a month away for us. i am just glad the some of the ice on the path to my house has started to melt, another couple days and i might not be on my ass every time i try and get into my house!!

    my car took a big nose dive last week and has been in the shop for 4 days! surely this will set me back big time!! of course with 220,000 miles on my volvo, i should expect these hiccups once in awhile!

    and sara is writing and asking me if i could get the cottage opened up for her for april school vaction week, yeah right! she’ll be lucky if her road is passable by then!

    hurry up spring, i need you bad!! LOL

  2. What a great post – so glad that you played hooky!!!

    I cleaned the inside of my 10 year old (almost 11 now) car this weekend too. And I found a ziplock of change and a $10 roll of quarters too. They were from way back when I used to work in NYC and needed quarters to park at the railroad station!

    And, in a complete imitation of you, I took Gracie for a one hour walk. It has been ages since we had such a long one!

  3. Between you and Sara, I believe you have the seasons covered. If the bread for beer jig isn’t bringing in enough dough (pun intended), You and OP can come landscape my yard. I serve free beer on the porch after. If Fritz is like Lupa, there is no walk which is TOO long.

  4. Sometimes, a Mental Health Day is as important as a sick day. When things pile up, and when you bring as much work home as teachers do, it’s a challenge to balance it all. Good for you, Sue!

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