Wednesday Poetry Break: Updike?

I’m not a huge fan of John Updike’s novels, because — although I think he’s a great writer — I find his characters so self-indulgent that I just want to shout at them “Grow up!”  So this little gem from today’s Writer’s Almanac is a nice surprise from Updike. Enjoy!

The Blessing

The room darkened, darkened until
our nakedness became a form of gray;
then the rain came bursting,
and we were sheltered, blessed,
upheld in a world of elements
that held us justified.
In all the love I had felt for you before,
in all that love,
there was no love
like that I felt when the rain began:
dim room, enveloping rush,
the slenderness of your throat,
the blessèd slenderness.

— John Updike



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