With friends Like CNBC …

Worst analogy ever! CNBC anchor Mark Haines defends keeping the powers that be in high places on Wall Street:

It’s just like when the Allies were victorious over Nazi Germany in World War II, when we occupied the country, we left a lot of Nazis in place because they were the ones who made the trains run on time and the bureaucracy function properly, etc. And it was distasteful, but you needed them.

(BTW, wasn’t it Mussolini who made the trains run on time? Not that that makes it a better analogy. I just hate it when people get their historical references wrong ….)



  1. the NAZI’s ? oh dear me.

    listen, if joe blow works on a line and messes up over and over, he gets fired because there is a jill thrill ready to take his place. or a less expensive joe blow. that’s capitalism.

    these bozos all need to go dig some ditches, and find out what hard work really is.

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