Martha Stewart: The New Feminist Icon?

MARTHA STEWARTI find myself thinking a lot about Martha Stewart lately. I know. It’s pretty scary. What’s even scarier is that I am actually feeling kind of sorry for her.

Four years ago this month, Stewart finished serving 5 months in a minimum security women’s prison in West Virginia and began home detention at her estate in Katonah, New York. No, not a bad gig on the face of it. She broke the law, she did some time in jail, and then she served the rest of her sentence surrounded by her organic chickens and furry Chows.  But then you think about what she was involved in, and how she came to be convicted of lying to the federal government and obstructing justice all because of sales of $51,000 worth of stocks. And then you think about the financial giants who are taking giant salaries — or giving back bonuses only under threat — and you witness the economic destruction their personal greed has brought upon us.

And you kind of think, “What the hell? That’s not really fair.

Okay, so maybe it’s a stretch to call Stewart “The new feminist icon.” But when you compare the attention she received from prosecutors and from the press — for lying about a $51,000 stock profit — with the lack of attention paid to the men who were basically screwing over the entire U.S. economy, you have to wonder what’s going on.



  1. I thought that back when she was being crucified by the press, and I am not into Martha Stewart by any means.. Good points to bring up, especially in light of the crap that has been going on in the financial sectors.

  2. i to am not a martha stewart fan, but i whole heartedly agree that some of these bigwig men need to be prosecuted for their crimes. until that starts happening, there will be no real changes on wall street or at the top of these mega corporations!

  3. I love Martha. she does everything more beautifully.

    seriously, none of the bozos ruining the country will do a bit of time.

  4. I always loved the magazine satire I saw once long ago when her “Martha Stewart Living” magazine was new. The cover story was something like “Martha Stewart Shows You How to Create Air”.

  5. Martha was unfairly treated. Others involved in the same scandal were not prosecuted. Martha was crucified because she had a nicer kitchen and knew more about lemon zest than the judge and the prosecuting attorney.

  6. martha got a raw deal — she was prosecuted for who she was NOT what she did

    what AIG and others are doing are so much worse, and they are getting away scott free..

    back to the brownies

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