Border Defoliation Averted — For Now!

ariel spray Rio GrandeThanks in no small part to the hard work of one of our own JelloHeads, namely Border Explorer, a proposed environmental disaster has been averted — at least temporarily. In her own words:

An 11th hour lawsuit against the US Customs and Border Protection of the Department of Homeland Security buys time for creatures of 1000 living species that are slated for demolition along a 1.1 mile stretch of the US-Mexico border. Residents of local neighborhoods, whose homes are near the proposed Border Patrol pilot project site targeted to receive an aerial spraying by helicopter of the toxic herbicide Imazapyr, filed suit to impose an injunction on the action.

Yesterday officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol voluntarily agreed to temporarily delay aerial spraying of herbicide on carrizo along the Rio Grande River pending further international discussion of its cross border implications, according to this morning’s report in the Laredo Morning Times. This temporary and indefinite postponement, subject to negotiations, now appears likely to be subject to court action in light of the lawsuit.

The Border Patrol wants to eliminate the tall invasive weed carrizo to improve visibility along the border, thus facilitating their duties. If this spraying project is successful, they hope to extend the spraying across hundreds of miles, from Big Bend to Brownsville, Texas.

If you haven’t yet stopped by Border Explorer’s place, please do so now. She embodies the very best of citizen bloggery — working hard to bring issues of peace and justice to the forefront. This story is a perfect example of the kind of stories that never seem to make the mainstream press, and only seems to gain national attention after investigative work done by unpaid, independent bloggers.  Well done, Border Explorer — keep up the good fight!

Now. What will you do?



  1. Thank you so much for this touching message, SueJ. (I literally have tears in my eyes at this moment.) Thank you for doing this post to expose this story. With the AP, CNN and the local media finally covering this, I hope the momentum is going the right direction.

    The real heroes of this story are the activists in Laredo who undertook a rapid response to prevent this ecological disaster. It is up to all of us to join forces with them.

  2. Amazing the stupid things government will do in the name of security. Why not just spray Agent Orange all over the place…this is terrible. Good on BE for fighting it!

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