Look Out, Parents: It’s “I-Doser” Madness!

reefermadnessposterI don’t watch the FOX network much, but one of my guilty pleasures is to tune in to American Idol at this point in the season. Most of the remaining contestants are pretty good at this stage, and this is when they bring in the real music superstars to “coach” the contestants. Last night, Smokey Robinson was just absolutely adorable. Of course he didn’t say anything negative about any of the contestants.

So anyway, that is how the t.v. machine happened to be tuned to the local FOX News station this morning when I sat down with my coffee and my bowl of Oaty Oats, ready to catch the traffic and weather. And the story that was running when I turned it on was this:

Web Site Simulates Drug Highs

I know, right?

You’re thinking you could save some serious cash if this is true!  Now, I wish I could show you the video of the story, but upon searching for it I found that the local FOX station web site doesn’t archive — or index, apparently — their news stories. Frankly, I have neither the time nor the interest to look through all of FOX News for this video. But I did find a similar story from a Fox affiliate in Oregon, which you can watch here.

The bottom line, parents, is that your kids are in grave danger. Forget the fact that sound waves have been used as a form of mediation and relaxation therapy for, well, forever! But now, some brilliant Internet marketer got the idea to sell this as “drug-like” and now your children are in danger! That’s right, folks. Women cry for it! Men die for it! It’s called i-doser, and if you log on, be forewarned. It’s a known gateway. First you put on your headphones and listen to sound waves. Then before you know it, you’ll be looking at satellite images at google earth — all done with drug-crazed abandon!

It’s madness I tell you — madness!



  1. Ah ha! Now I know why blogging by SueJ has been light recently…. She found out about I-Doser and was keeping it to herself (til now).

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