Fritz: His Favorite Thing!

fritzHave I mentioned that I really love my dog? I think that perhaps I have mentioned it once or twice. But honestly, he teaches me something almost every day. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you really must come meet Fritz sometime. Sure, sometimes he’s just such … a dog, doing all those icky doggy things  — like eating and licking inappropriate things. But I swear that at other time times he is a Zen master.

I’m sure you’re aware of the concept of “mindful” living. But if you’re like me, you have a hard time living the philosophy. And I really try, too. For example, when I’m standing in line at the grocery store, I try to be mindful of the feel of the basket handle that I am gripping ever so tightly because the line is not moving. And if I get caught in the rain when I step out of the store, I do try to be aware of the feel of the rain drops on my face.

Yet I am an amateur. This past weekend, Fritz showed me how to live life to its fullest every moment of the day.  We joke about everything being his favorite thing, because that is just how he lives his life. “Want to go for a walk?” My favorite thing! “Are you hungry?” My favorite thing! “Go find Sue!” My favorite thing! “Get your toy!” My favorite thing! “Do you want to get on the couch?” My favorite thing!

You get the idea.

Saturday morning he started the weekend’s lessons with a most profound demonstration of mindful living. I can only ever sleep in until about 7:30 these days, which is 2 hours later than I have to get up during the week, so I can’t complain. When I start to stir and reach over to look at the clock, the next thing I see is Fritz’s face. He gets out of his bed and comes to me tail awaggin’ and a big goofy doggy grin on his face.  Why? Because 8 hours of sleep has kept us apart, and he is thrilled to see me again. His favorite thing!

I like to think that I appreciate every morning and every new day, but of course I get caught up with the drudgery of laundry and commuting and mowing the lawn. But there is Fritz every morning to remind me: each day is glorious.

And while the prospect of mowing the lawn may feel tedious, watching Fritz race around the yard across the freshly cut grass (His favorite thing!) and then go for a swim in the fish pond (His favorite thing!) gives me renewed appreciation of the moment.

My favorite thing!



  1. i miss my dog! it sounds like she was alot like fritz. everything was fun, everyday was better than the last and love was always unconditional. enjoy every day you have with him!

  2. No question in my mind that animals in general have a great deal to teach us about living in the moment. They never do anything else, and they are the better for it. We would be too. It’s a constant struggle but an important one to come back to NOW.

  3. Thank you for the mood booster. Not that I ever need an excuse, but I gave each of my pups a great big kiss after reading it!

  4. there is nothing like an animal to make you feel all the more human

    my cat, Carlos — tho not a dog, teaches me more than i can imagine – and he unconditionally loves me — and the food i give him

    i still miss my last one, George and i still my miss my dog from when i was growing up – PJ

  5. Aren’t our furry buddies the best? My cats distract me countless times a day with their favourite things, like purrs, bunts, games (like flicking wadded-up little balls of paper down the hall umpteen times), cuddles, cat-chat, slow blinks …

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