“Defense of Marriage”: Ur Doin it Wrong

I have a quick message to all the right-wing fundies who are worried that their marriages are in danger: It’s not the gays’ fault! Your marriage may indeed be on shaky ground, but don’t blame that on me! The national divorce rate has hovered around 40-50% in the past decade. It’s because of:

Poor communication, financial problems, a lack of commitment to the marriage, a dramatic change in priorities, infidelity. Also, there’s: failed expectations or unmet needs, addictions and substance abuse, physical, sexual or emotional abuse  lack of conflict resolution skills.  (This is according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. I guess they would know.)

There’s a video being pushed out by a group called the “National Organization for Marriage” that I find incredibly confusing. In it, they have actors posing as real people and saying things like: “There’s a storm gathering … The clouds are dark, the wind is strong … And I am afraid…” I suggest you watch the video Pam’s House Blend, because she also has a link to a video response.

But if they are for marriage, then what is their issue with gays and lesbians being able to marry? I mean, isn’t the more of us married, the better? You know, if you are really for marriage?

But of course their not for all marriage, just their idea of a religious marriage.  So here’s where I heave a heavy sigh and say to them: “the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees the separation of church and state so that one religion does not hold power over the rest of the citizens of this nation.” You know, like this:

pie chart(Image totally stolen from Pam’s House Blend. Please go there now!)



  1. Stoopid doesn’t begin to describe what I think these people are.
    The depths of their insecurity is mindboggling.

  2. Sara, kudos to A-Lister Pam!

    Cootamundra W., I know “stoopid” is far from an adequate tag, but I try to keep it clean here and all the other things I thought of are less than nice.

  3. When my honey and I got married over 27 years ago we went to a justice of the peace at the courthouse. He was chewing tobacco–no lie!– and we gave him $5.00 after we said our vows and signed the papers.

    I hate church weddings. I hate what the pastor or preacher says about marriage and what marriage is supposed to mean at the service. Most of those weddings we have attended have ended in divorce anyway.

    I don’t feel it is my right or my duty to tell others who they can have relationships with. Just not my business.

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